Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world and no doubt the eyes would be fascinated to catch the glimpse of this structure with its great standing height and providing breath taking views of the Dubai city when eyes are placed atop.
It is housed and adjoined to the Dubai Mall, which again is one of the largest malls in the world. One can reach this place through Metro Redline alighting down at Dubai Mall station. Once in Mall after covering some decent steps and floors, as you step outside the open area facing a water body and turning aside on to your right, there stands the Burj Khalifa, standing out proud like a magnificent giant rocket appearing to be ready to take off any moment up into the skies. As one stands mesmerized looking at the view of the tall buildings around, the water body greeted us with a colorful musical fountain dancing to the soothing tunes at frequent interval of around 30 minutes.

To set foot on to the top floors of the Burj Khalifa, one needs to buy the entrance ticket in the Dubai Mall, which permits the placement on the 124th floor for a view from the top. The entrance time is allotted depending upon the visitor traffic involved and one can spend time shopping, dining and relaxing up to the time, the watch reaches the numbers shown on the ticket. We happened to get the evening slot between 9 to 10 pm. It would be better to book the tickets online in advance to avoid an unwelcoming host situation.

Once the scheduled minute to meet draws in, one can catch the lift that takes to the 124th floor which generally takes a minute accompanied with a ticking clock playing on the screen accompanied by a thrilling music in the background to lift the spirits.

As the doors of the floor throw open to catch the glimpse of the world down, one will surely appreciate the workmanship that has contributed such height, which otherwise can only be experienced up on a natural mountain or from a flight taking off into the skies.The sight of the colorful city at the late evening hour where the surroundings are filled with the various colors of blues, greens & oranges, was just a spectacular sight from above. The vehicles down on the roads and the flyovers looked like tiny ants and the tall buildings in its radius beside appeared to be in their teens, growing up. The ticket would allow one to spend decent time of 30-45 minutes, wherein the eyes turned merry experiencing the colorful and radiant city which looks splendid and beautiful amidst the dark skies. The cameras could not capture crisp photos given to the darkly lit atmosphere and we had to satisfy with some decent snaps from the night mode. The experience of viewing the colorful city from the highest point with the cool sounding breeze playing its round puts one in a state of tranquility.


As we walked down completing our delightful experience, I sent out a big round of applause for those brilliant minds and their hard work that had worked behind putting up this amazing structure. Truly amazing!

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  1. JUST EKTA says:

    woah ❤ beautiful pictures!

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