Once upon a time in my life,
when I was the lad of my father’s wife.
Love came to me from everyone, unasked
and every mistake of mine left unpunished.

Sweet songs of my mother gave me sleep,
and staying far from her would make me weep.
At night, I loved to see the full moon,
And asked from God all types of boons.

Played toys and cars and stayed as a king,
always surrounded by brothers and sisters in a ring.
Thousands of doubts traveled in my mind,
Answers to which, were difficult to find.

Chocolate, ice-creams, and toys was my world,
and my life was in my parent’s hold.
Only asset I possessed was my innocence,
and everyone loved me hence.

Oh! my sweet childhood days,
ever in my mind you stay.
You are that precious thing that I have lost,
which I can never buy at any cost.

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  1. ambikabhardwaj says:

    How simply you captured all these beautiful memories of childhood! Loved It!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ambikabhardwaj says:

      Totally! When young, innocent and impressionable minds open up to the world.


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