A peaceful evening at the JBR & Dubai Marina, Dubai

Being a visitor to the Dubai city, we decided to mark one evening of our life to take a walk at the beach in the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) which is believed to be quiet pleasant as per fellow traveler reviews. Taking a metro from Mall of the emirates to reach Damac station and from thereon catching a tram that runs on the other adjacent line to reach JBR tram station & a 10 minute walk further, put us right in the place. One needs to buy a separate ticket for the travel in tram as this line is separate from the metro line and costs additionally.

We reached the place in time to catch the tiring sun slowly escaping from us to relax itself away and getting ready to wake the people on the other side of the globe. The path overlooks the beach on its left and mud colored tall structures on the right. We found the place full of life – cute children out from their residence playing in the park, few kids skating, moms making their babies walk, the health conscious men keeping their jogging shoes busy, few relaxing on the benches, few munching their evening snacks in the open cafe, few surfing in the beach and many choosing to walk down the path with small calculated steps like us. The pathway was filled with various food joints, restaurants, water sport adventure units, spa, etc. that greeted us as we walked the path.


As the darkness started to conquer the evening, we noticed that the tall buildings housing the residents were eagerly waiting to get themselves lit and shine in the night to become the center of attraction. The place around very soon turned into a colorful atmosphere with lights and the residents slowly drawing themselves back into their apartments.


After spending some decent time in the place, we decided to walk down towards Dubai Marina Walk, switching on the google maps. It takes a 15-20 min walk from JBR to reach the new place and is around 1 km from JBR. As we reached the place, we noticed the new place also equally interesting and a delight to the eyes. The tall sky scrapers here were shining proudly each bearing a varied colorful look and greeting everyone below who walked past them mesmerized. The stream running parallel had the marina cruises gliding away with tourists onboard. The path gave way to its regular guests from the nearby residence who used it for their jog/evening walk track. There were many food joints, restaurants spread along the path and after covering a quite good amount of steps of around half a k.m. we encountered the Dubai Marina Mall.


Quickly, picking up some snacks & beverages from the supermarket in the mall, we were back on track. The scenic and peaceful atmosphere around had lifted our spirits encouraging us to continue the walk for an another 1 km munching our snacks, until we finally reached the exit to reach Damac properties Metro station. Essentially we had the whole of the tram journey distance covered on foot but the walk is certainly worth the effort as one gets to be greeted by a colorful world well immersed in serene beauty giving an enthralling experience for the eyes, body and soul. Splendid evening….it was for sure……


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  1. Ananya says:

    Superb pictures. Good work!


  2. Nyc pictures… 😊


  3. JBR is a lovely place to be specially if you have food and a leisurely walk in mind, but only during the winter months. You have captured the beautiful night very well!

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