When the bright sun rose behind the mountains,
when the flowers gazed up the sun for a glance.

When the bees fluttered swiftly around the flower,
when the butterflies got their different colours newer.

When a plant bore its first flower on its branch,
when a glass of water relieved one’s thirst quench.

When in the rain the earth had its bath,
when two hearts fell in love in their youth.

When the winds sang your presence in their song,
when the season in its joy and lucid, sprang.

When the clouds formed into a dazzling white figure,
when lovers in moonlight saw each other with hearts pure.

When the evenings bought the sweet cool fragrance,
when the nature took its deep breath in the plains.

When heaven felt hell with your absence,
when the same hell quickly turned heaven by your sweet memories, hence.

When the twinkling stars smiled at night,
when the nights fetched me sweet dreams right.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lost soul says:

    These are some beautiful lines ☺️


  2. Parul Joshi says:

    Nice lines 😃😃

    Liked by 1 person

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