Syntheri rocks, Dandeli – Rock wonder

We visited this place while onward on our trip to Karwar from Dharwad. This place is located in the Dandeli dense forest area and can be reached after passing across Dandeli and pushing your car further for 30 kms more. It is situated close to the Ulavi temple and the tourists visiting the temple generally visit this place.

A small break at the ghat section 

The natural formation of the huge monolithic monumental rock about 300 feet overlooking a water stream is a great treat to the eyes given to the uniqueness it carries and has attracted attention of archaeologists, geologists and tourists over time. The importance of this rock is that it is actually a limestone rock formed owing to volcanic eruptions and it actually gained its name after an English woman (Cinthera) for having discovered this place.

One needs to walk quite a many steps from the parking lot atleast a kilometer away, and descend down a range of steps to reach the bed of the rock. Elderly and those with knee problems may find the steps difficult to manage as they are steep and many in count. For those who are tired walking halfway, can plan to halt their steps at a view point which provides quite a good view of these rocks and the river flow and you can avoid the final steps down that reaches the base.

Glimpse from the view point (Courtesy-google image)

Once placed at the base of the rocky terrain, one can appreciate the giant size of the rock and the small waterfall gushing going around doing its duty, turning the whole atmosphere into a picturesque location. Bees, bats and few birds have inhabited the nooks and crannies on the rock.

 The place has no food outlets and hence one needs to ensure that they visit this place after consuming well, before they descend the steps down.

The place is a good scenic spot for photographers and nature lovers. One could relax sitting at the bed viewing the wonderful spot. The water stream is slippery and it is not advisable to walk through it owing to strong current.

After having a decent break and rest, we used our charged energy for ascending the steps to reach back our origin.

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  1. Wow..the place looks awesome and you have described it so beautifully🙂


  2. Ananya says:

    Another awesome person who likes travelling… Hurray! Nice article

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  3. ansh997x says:

    Dandeli is a wonderful place. Did you spot a black panther?


  4. Wow..the put looks wonderful and you have depicted it so beautifully🙂

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