Movie review – Stranger than fiction

Year of release – 2006

An American fantasy drama film and the plot revolves around an individual (IRS tax agent) who finds that each frame of his life is actually being penned through a novelist, who is working on her current novel.

Ever imagined the feeling, when some day one of the character whom we created in one of our story actually walks out of the pages and stands before us – Weird?.

Well, the movie takes the viewer through such innovative and creative moments. The tax agent does find out that his life is actually dependent on what the novelist writes and decides to meet her to check what would be the ending of the novel – his life especially. His life takes a shock when he gets to know that the author takes pleasure in writing novels with a tragic end and all her previous works involve the death of the protagonist. Her literary work has actually made her famous.

Rest of the movie forms part of his journey to meet the Writer of his life. Does he get successful in influencing her to change her signature style of changing the tragic end of his life.

Its a beautiful movie and innovative imagination by the story teller, which certainly makes it a good watch.

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  1. prior.. says:

    Saw this twice and it is superb! Nice review –

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  2. prior.. says:

    Oh and every writer should see this film – I also loved the way accent of the author’s voice narrating – and characters with bakery girl and IRS worker and Queen latifa as the person sent to help writers block – ahhhh

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