Short Story – Who will cry when I die?

It’s been almost thirty six years since the time we both were married.

I put my mind back to the night when my eyes had first fell on her.

It was a full moon night with the chilling breeze cutting the skin. And there she was walking all alone advancing further into the night, unconcerned with the silence that crept around. Not a soul on the street and I wondered why this Lady was out in the open at that odd hour of 2 in the night. I laid my steps forward to reach her. My presence went unnoticed as she continued walking engrossed in deep thoughts.

My eyes fell on her neck. It seemed so silky and neat. Never had I seen such a beautiful layer of skin and the thin golden necklace around it glistened, happy enough for having found such an aesthetic neck to decorate. I drew myself closer towards her neck but her deep muffled weeps stung and froze me. I ridiculed the behavior of mankind, which always found pleasure in drowning their unrest mind into a pool of sorrows. Lucky me, I had left all such emotions way behind me and all that mattered was ‘ME’.

Somehow, seeing the lady’s state, I decided to speak up – ‘Madam, Is everything alright?’.

My voice startled her and she looked up into my face. As my eyes met her face, I was dumbstruck to have encountered the most pretty face ever made. Such perfection was the rarest and she happened to be one of them. Seeing her, my lifeless heart seemed to have felt some moments of life. The lady threw a scared look at my behavior owing to the long silence developing between us as she feared her beauty may turn out to be her enemy at that hour.

I quickly exclaimed, “I have no intentions to scare you but would like to know the reason of your presence here, as this lonely night belongs to thugs and criminals at this hour.”

In response, the lady continued to maintain her silence and proceeded to walk until we both reached a bench where she placed herself on one end and me occupying the other end. As we both sat lost in our own thoughts, the minutes hand on the clock tower ticked away to move sixty steps ahead.

Realizing that I meant no harm to her, she looked into my face and wiping away her tears she informed that she had lost her father few days back, leaving her all alone in this world. She fell into depression as it was not his time yet to leave her, which had broken her spirit completely. Finding that life had no more purpose, her depressed soul had induced to throw herself into the Hudson River to break free from the body that kept it within and she chose that lonely hour to achieve her wish.

Her continued tears hurt me and I decided to keep the soul locked in her body. After all the creator had spent his decent time in carving her which should not go in vain.

The next hour went on positive philosophical talks to make her change her decision and I was surprised seeing myself in this new state of speaking to someone, an interest that I had lost since ages unknown. Finally when the lady did overcome her emotions, a small smile forced itself out through her lips and the lady now took charge to speak, putting my mouth to a complete rest.

As the night waited to invite the day, I quickly took leave of her, taking a serious promise from her to meet again the following night as the day generally kept me busy and away.

The meetings with her continued with every passing day and the days passing into months and the months into year, much enough that both decided to get married, one fine night.

As we grew older, the population of the city kept diminishing but newer and newer people migrating into the popular city of New York kept up the balance. The trees often displayed the leaflet of missing men and women, and with this reason I never let my wife step out in the open during the day, as I too hated the broad daylight. To break her confinement from the four walls, I encouraged her to take a walk alongwith me in the city during the night, where the breeze made us feel fresh and no human interrupting our solitude. We always walked upto the same bench which had once welcomed us for the very first time, quickly getting into our respective job roles of speaking and hearing.

Back at home, while she slept, I liked gazing at her beautiful face appreciating the artwork the sculpture had carved out. I would then walk away into the midnight for a quick small stroll to greet the lonely streets of the city, as I enjoyed visiting it again all alone.

Days passed by and the wrinkles started forcing themselves on her face by the passing age. Her talks slowly reduced in their volume and it was me who spoke more and she played the role of listening.

It’s been almost thirty six years since the time we both were married.

As all these thoughts flashed by, I realized how fast the thirty six years had flown by.

Today she lay in the bed with sickness surrounded. She had grown weak and I feared if death would engulf her any day. I couldn’t see her in this state anymore. I feared the loss of Beth. Life seemed scary in absence of her. She was the only human being for whom this heart cared.

I decided to tell her the secret that I hid from her carefully all these thirty six years. I went to her bedside preparing her favorite warm tea. As she sipped her tea, I began describing my story to her.

It was the year 1680 long long ago when in my youthful age, I was bit by a vampire. I had fought back the vampire successfully overpowering and driving him away. But it was too late as the bite had put my heart to rest, which I realized seeing my youth never left me and my new instinct craving for the liquid red. Three hundred years have gone by and I have kept myself up hunting mankind in the dark hours ensuring the dig of the teeth emptied their blood from their bodies putting them to final slumber and ensuring the prevention of the birth of my own kind. When I saw you lonely the first time, my eager teeth were about to dig into your blood but the eyes and ears had both interrupted it for a while and then came the moment you made the heart feel a thing’

‘I need you Beth, it would be difficult to stay in this lonely world without you. It’s the matter of one bite on your neck and then we will live happily ever after immortal’ I said choked.

Her eyes – while one shocked with disbelief and the other in a happy state that I finally shared her with the truth and the feeling that the heartless ME had filled her life with LIFE. She expressed her wish to die as normal humans do and pleaded to let her follow the cycle of the nature.

I again looked at her silky neck, still shining beautiful as it did the first time my eyes had placed its first glance on. One bite would make her mine forever but this would mean being selfish to have her beside all eternity and not let her have what she wished for today. I gave one last glance at her and walked out of the room, granting her the last wish to breathe her last – I did it for love.

Time had elapsed without her and even after 500 years today her face seemed still fresh in my eyes and her voice echoed all the time in my ear. I sat on a tip of a mountain still feeling her presence aside. The world had largely filled up with water with no one soul left, where I could dig my teeth into. What remained was the aquatic life whose blood kept my dead heart – Alive!.

As I sat there all alone remembering her with tearful eyes, I looked up at the barren silent sky searching to find her face in the clouds and asked her – ‘Who will cry when I die’?

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  1. What a heart-warming story!!

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  2. Quillpen says:

    It is not easy to write such a heart warming story with a plot like this. But you nailed it. Hats off to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maya Bhat says:

    Hey, he was a Dracula ?!!!!😨😨😱😳

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  4. Good story once again. Read mine as well.

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  5. Perfecto …. What a story!!! Sharing it further.

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  6. That was deep Sir .

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  7. richitaroy says:

    Well you have a god gifted talent Sir, which is CREATIVITY, very few people have such kind of super power. The story was very heart felt and warming. I made me think of the movie “Hotel Transylvania” 😇😇😇. Great post, love it!!

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  8. Jeni G.J says:

    Oh wow. Loved her choice of choosing the death in favour of nature. Wonderful narration. I expected something of this calibre from you and you did not disappoint.👍

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