Chikmagalur – Town of the younger daughter

Chikmagalur, situated in Karnataka at a distance of 250-280 kms from Bangalore is famous for its scenic locations driven from the majestic western ghat mountains that stand proudly clad in their beautiful green color clad clothes – Mullayangiri, Baba Budan Giri, Kemmangundi and Kudremukh.

Chikmagalur which in the local kannada language represents the town of the younger daughter – a town given as a dowry to the younger daughter. The Hiremagalur (town of the elder daughter) which stood as a separate town in the past once, however got imbibed into Chikmagalur town. The town is well connected with regular buses plying from Bangalore and there are scheduled convenient trains connected between these two locations. Those who love to drive can follow the below route. The roads are good upto Hassan (being tolls) and then begins the narrow roads upto destination

Bangalore – Mangalore road – Hassan – Belur – chikmagalur

I have been to this wonderful destination 5 times till now, it being one of my favorite getaways. I will cover each of the hills through separate blog posts picking up from each trip.

I shall highlight only about the Mulayangiri hills in this post.

We five friends (Krishna, Ravi, Vasu & Surandar) planned to visit the Mulayangiri hills and off we drove to the mountains. The whole journey of 250 kms just passed by in a swift owing to the interesting chit chats of the friends racing in parallel with the time.

As we reached the main town checking into the hotel, we took a relaxed break for lunch and a decent rest from the tiredness that grew from the confinement of the four doors of the car. As the body began its work of converting food into energy, we rose up to set our foot on these hills.

Kemmangundi 2nd Trip 244.jpg
With Krishna
With Krishna, Surandar & Vasu

Mulayangiri is the highest peak in Karnataka with an altitude of 6,300 feet. The hills did welcome us with open arms but it did scare us with the narrow adventurous roads which will definitely make the heart skip a bit and one needs to drive with full caution on the way to the hill. My friends ensured to kept me in good mood, as the steering was at my command.

Reaching the destination, we parked the car near the temple and chose to further trek up the hill to reach Mullayangiri peak, which was around 2-3 kms away from that point.

Blue waggy resting below

After walking for half a kilometre, we turned back to take the glimpse of our car resting below. We got happy that we had covered that height. Rolling the sleeves up, we started the journey further.

Getting ready to trek further

Through the trek, we were greeted by the calm green valley and the whole place looked splendid and putting us in tranquil.

Kemmangundi 2nd Trip 323
The green serene valley

After a trek of about 2-3 kms, we finally reached at the foot of the peak. The highest point would require a further walk up the steps, which housed a shiva temple.

Kemmangundi 2nd Trip 430.jpg
Foot of the Mullyanagiri peak

We slowly pushed ourselves to climb the steps. Me and Ravi reached the peak atop and caught the scene below. A splendid wallpaper.

Very soon, the peak got engulfed with clouds and as they moved by, they wet our clothes making them fully drenched. It didn’t rain but the clouds did the work.

Kemmangundi 2nd Trip 365.jpg
Atop the peak

We spent some relaxed moments at the temple and after an hour or so, descended the hill. We slowly dragged ourselves to return back to our car.

Kemmangundi 2nd Trip 422.jpg
On the way back
Kemmangundi 2nd Trip 462.jpg
On the way back
Kemmangundi 2nd Trip 482.jpg
On the way back

After covering half the distance, the legs started talking to each other and the friends decided to take a quick rest amidst the mountains and our friend Vasu decided to keep watch and was lost in framing the valleys in his camera.

Kemmangundi 2nd Trip 513.jpg
Ravi, Krishna, Me & Surandar into a quick power nap in the valley’s lap

After sometime we finally reached our car. Friends were eager to give a glance into the temple beside but the trek had made Krishna and Me fully dead tired that we just flung ourselves on the soft grass leaning against the car.

Kemmangundi 2nd Trip 531
Dead tired from the trek

Wow, what a trip it was and the friends just made the heaven, a wonderful experience.

Please note that the place has no good connectivity of shops around, so ensure to carry stock of water bottles, snacks, biscuits to ensure a proper replenishment, else one may end spoiling up the trip. The place is not commercialized unlike other hill stations but I am happy for that as the place would live its beauty for a longer period of time.


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  1. Shefali says:

    It is one beautiful hill I have been to….. My memories are refreshed…

    Thank you for sharing…

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  2. Hey Ravi, nice to refresh the memories. It was a great trip with all of us having a great time.

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  3. mrgoodquote says:

    I’ve nominated you for Liebster award ❤
    Check out my latest post for more details 😇
    Wish you happy blogging ❤


  4. richitaroy says:

    Awesome scenic beauty!!!. Great pictures.:) Sleeping on the cool grass of the mountains was wonderful, right?. Great post!

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  5. Amazing grand beauty!!!Awesome post!

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  6. Rekha Sahay says:

    beautiful place n awesome pics.


  7. It’s a beautiful place, hands down…those pictures too were fun and vivacious 👌

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  8. JUST EKTA says:

    wow. I must say all you guys are friendship goals 😉

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  9. jyo says:

    Beautiful town and marvy captures 🔝


  10. nice pics.. shows you had a great time.. 😊

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    1. darknite says:

      Jahaan dost, wahan jannat


  11. Wow. Very well written. 😊👍 beautifully narrated travel story 👌👌

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