The Malnad belt

My close friend at office Guruprasad, induced me to hit the road to the Malnad belt and wow!, what a wonderful trip it was. As he belonged to that region, he had good knowledge of the places around.

We first set out to Shringeri to pay our respect to Goddess Saraswati (wisdom and learning) in the Sri Sharada Temple, a 14th century temple, located at the banks of the Tunga river. Was astonished with the architecture of the temples which was carved out by a great craftsmanship belonging to an anciet period.





DSCN6169After spending some decent time at the temple exploring the history and preserving it in our brains, we proceeded to Sirimane falls. The waterfall gave a splendid sight which was breaking all chains and forcefully gushing itself to break into thousand pieces of droplets. I chose to spend some time along with it asking it to shower its magic. Boy!, the water was so cold and with the force that it descended with, could break the bones.



Ensuring that the mother nature drove away the city pollution out from me, my friend took me to Kavishaila, a rock monument made of megalithic rocks arranged in a circular fashion to resemble the Stonehenge in England. The place is dedicated to the famous Kannada writer and novelist Sir Kuvempu. The place was so calm, soothing and relaxing that we realized why the place was dedicated to the Writer and how this place would have helped the writer to give birth to that vivid imagination.

En route, we halted to spend a few minutes around the green paddy fields which lay on both sides and the road appeared to look like a water stream running through them.


2015-09-24 17.18.37


Sir Kuvempu’s home

It was time to close the day and proceed to Thirthahalli, his home town, bidding away a wonderful day to rest.

Next day, we headed to Agumbe which is famously known as the cherrapunji of the south. Tourists flock to the ghat in the evening to catch the glimpse of the setting sun as it is famous for treating mankind with a picturesque backdrop. Placing ourselves on a bench atop, we greeted the bright sun who slowly transformed into a calm boy.

As the sun disappeared to wake up the other part of the world, it was time to drive down the challenging ghat to reach Udupi.

Next day, we proceeded to the famous Krishna temple at Udupi. The place was burning hot owing to the coastal belt, it lies on. The Lord’s diety is known to have turned himself around for a devotee named Kanakadas who was not allowed entry into the temple and was tied behind the temple, as described per the ancient history of the temple. Hence the devotees have to take blessings of the Lord peeping through the small window from backside of the temple and the Lord faces his back towards the entrance. A mystery and miracle.

2015-09-26 11.09.51.jpg
Udupi Temple

We decided to spend the rest of the day at Malpe beach for the remaining part of the day.

Malpe beach
Malpe beach

Karnataka is such a heaven housing greenery and jaw dropping scenic places of mountains, temples and beaches and it is certainly a great delight to the spirit. A marvelous journey came to an end and thanks to Guru for guiding all through.

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  1. jyo says:

    Nice clicks !!


    1. darknite says:

      Thanks Jyo for the appreciation


  2. Nice pics and a good, detailed explanation. As a child, I have only been to the Udupi temple and to this day, I remember the deity and the very serene temple. This temple and its memories are vivid and memories so warm. Thank you for sharing your experience, Ravi. Took me back in time too. 😇

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    1. darknite says:

      I visited it last year and its a divine place. The krishna idol in the chess photo was brought from udupi as remembrance of the trip 🙂


  3. SHRADHA099 says:

    Beautiful place… nice post and pics 🙂


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