Diecast car – Mercedes Benz 450 SL – 1:43 (Bburago)

My diecast cars have been wearing an annoyed look of late, complaining that I have been spending more time with the living beings and not devoting attention to them at all.

I put an end to their displeasure today and promised one of them especially to share some time with it. I picked up my favorite one – the classic blue Mercedes Benz 450 SL or R107 which rocked itself during the 80’s and was an attention puller.

2016-01-24 12.09.43

Mercedes produced this car first in Europe and later introduced it to the markets of USA and Australia. They made it a sports car making it a two-seater with a detachable roof (optional hardtop) with features of power steering, power windows and leather trim. The car belonged to the roadster category bearing a sporty look and was well known for it’s renowned build quality.

2016-01-24 12.09.53

The diecast model version by Bburago has been crafted with utmost perfection and thus makes it my personal favorite in my collection. The model bears the features of two opening doors and steerable wheels. The wheels roll about smoothly. The car comes with a glass case which helps keep the car neat and clean, especially given to the light blue color the car carries.

It is available online in Amazon, Flipkart currently in India. One could also get them at any shopper’s stop, toy store, landmark costing around Rs. 700-800 depending upon the discount offers running on the model.


The real one is very old and is antique and the car lovers still appear to be exchanging ownership seeming proud to posses it making it a collector’s classic. The car is still pricey today and does stand to make the proverb true that ‘old is gold’.


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