Anantagiri Hills, Vikarabad

Anantagiri – a hill spot located in the Ranga Reddy district, is around 70-80 kms from Hyderabad and is found resting itself in Vikarabad. We discovered this place as part of my visit to my in-laws in Hyderabad and the family group had chosen this place for a get together.

Hiring a cab from Hyderabad we began our journey towards the hill. After having covered around 50 kms, we hit the scenic belt leaving behind the wilderness of the city. The green valley seemed to be happily shining bright after bathing in the rains and the paddy fields were glowing in glory.

As the cab neared the destination, we walked into Haritha resort to devour and gain some energy for the day. But to our shock we found the restaurant struggling hard to manage the outgrowing guests falling short of stock of food. The ones who had already brought coupons pounced on the food and the others waited for their turn anxiously looking towards the kitchen, realizing that ‘anything is better than something’. We were happy that the kids got to eat something.

Nephew and Niece

Post finishing an adventure lunch, we then headed to the famous Ananthapadmaswamy temple. After passing through a 10-15 minutes queue, our eyes met the deity of the Lord Vishnu. The queue does moves slow as the temple complex inside can accommodate a batch of only 10 people at a time, bearing a cave structure.

IMG-20171001-WA0010 (2)
temple premises

Post the blessings of the Lord, we continued our journey to head to the hill view point. It was an amazing view of the hill drop with green grass meadows and a lake body far away and it gave a stunning look to the eyes.


While the family was lost at the sight of the beautiful valley, the male race mustered courage (as footwear were not fit) to trek down the hill through a small pathway of about 300-400 meters descending down to reach the valley.

Getting ready to trek bare feet

After descending to the bottom, it was an amazing experience to get invited to a completely pin drop silence atmosphere with abundance of fresh air.

Down the valley


I lost myself with nature and immersed self conversing with the nature and the solitude was a bliss.


The trek path continues further into the valley below but we had to halt the trek as we were already into late evening. After spending some decent time around, we asked our shoes to walk back home putting an ending to a delightful one day trip.

Happy moments.

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  1. Happy moments indeed, Ravi, and most of the time only family can do that magic. A good account of your very happy trip and very lovely pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 🙂 your most welcome.


  2. Wow, pictures are really awesome and so the post.


    1. darknite says:

      Thanks Shreya, you have been one of the frequent readers of my posts. thanks for that respect, appreciate it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for making my way to your post. Your post has always been the attractive and amazing one. I am glad to read the post of a writer like you… 🙂


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