As a kid during my primary school phase, I was quite fond of watches.

Not that they fancied my eyes but the digital reading and the panel that flashed light green radium light did the trick to the eyes. The stop watch was quite an amusement as it obeyed to the click of the button. The one I wore at school, was a china made digital watch brought out from pocket money collected with passing days, from the streets of Majestic in Bangalore which costed around 28 Rs back then with a bus fare of Rs 4 maybe. The battery used to hardly last for 6 months but then who wore watches for the time as being kids we didn’t care of the flying time.

Added to it, thanks to a classmate whose father brought him an imported watch which had the ability to speak out the time and a crowing of a rooster. He was envied by every one of us in the class for being the only one possessing the power to make ‘Time’ talk. He had the boys getting followed alongside him to get that one chance to hear the sweet voice of the lady which made their eye brows and lips go wide.

There was one another kid who owned the calculator watch but was only surrounded by the ones who knew mathematics and their eyes did smile when the machine rightly provided the number results. We all wondered how helpful this watch could be in the exams.


Fast forward, my interest in watches again got ignited two years back out of the blue moon, when I happened to receive a general mail from amazon offering inviting discounts on the watches and the cover webpage displayed the watch ‘Timex Expedition Analog’ in the advertisement, a watch that I was quite fascinated in the college days but pocket money never went that far to pile up to own it. Back then in college, I did wear a twenty year old Seiko watch of my Dad that was well preserved by him.

So when times have changed in the real world now, I decided to pick it up from Amazon and this left me being the master to two watches – a fastrack one (gifted) & the new timex. So essentially I purchased a branded watch for the first time from my own pocket money lately.


As time passed by in these two years, I ended up encountering few of the watches that pleased the eyes and I invited them (Amazon does have the ability to rekindle old wishes) to befriend me and reside in my wardrobe. The one that entered last week completed the set to make it ‘A watch a day for the week’. I have informed my heart that I should stop here now and not convert this dream from a week to a month.


I have decided to allocate a small space for these watches in my blog posts.

Here goes the first watch – The Casio Edifice EX 362.

The watch looks very elegant and the dark blue dial with three white analog hands resting on the stainless steel case makes it an excellent combination.

The watch has multi layered dial with 1 second stopwatch and comes with one-touch 3-fold clasp. The watch is 100-meter water resistance and includes measuring modes of 3 dials (stopwatch minutes, stopwatch seconds, 24-hour).

The watch comes with an approximate battery life of 3 years and the total weight of the watch is around 160 gms.

Must say a great looking watch and it goes very well on casuals.




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  1. Indira says:

    I liked the narrative 🙂
    Excellent collection as well!!


    1. darknite says:

      Thanks Indira ma’am for the read and appreciation.


  2. Wow… After a long time. Nice to read your post.
    I also have high interest in watches. I loved the last picture one(watch).


    1. darknite says:

      Thanks Shreya. Hoping to read an article from ur end too on watches.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. jyo says:

    Exceptionally good💯💯


    1. darknite says:

      Thank u Jyo☺


  4. An excellent collection, Ravi. A watch was a necessity in the bygone days, the time keeper that informed us that we need to ‘watch’ our ways and keep time for once it has slipped and gone, it does not return. After the arrival of the smartphone, the watch has become more of an essential ornament. But like you, I am passionate about carrying my time keeper on my wrist and still look down at its needles for the time and not the phone.
    I specially remember that watch that spoke the time out aloud, a friend who was an NRI had one in class and she we competed to be her friend just to listen to her watch talk out.
    As always, loved the walk down memory lane and enjoyed every story so beautifully narrated, Ravi.
    Congratulations on your watch collection. Looking forward to read about the rest of them.


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