Movie review – Inside out

As part of my virtual reality journey, I laid my hands on an animated 3D movie named ‘Inside out’. I chose to pick this for a watch given to the unique theme this movie carried – Human Feelings.

The 3D effects of the movie was great no doubt but as the movie progressed it pulled me into the story making me to drop following the 3D technicalities after sometime.

The movie has 5 characters of emotions – 3 girls representing joy, sadness and disgust each and 2 boys representing fear and angry each. 

These five prime characters are born in the mind of a girl right from the time she opens her eyes for the very first time as a baby. These five become responsible for the creation, organizing and management of the emotions of the girl through her period of growth phase, while there are other secondary characters for support of other functions of the girls life that greet us in parts of the movie.

The character ‘Miss Joy’ tries her best to make her space larger and felt in the girl’s life than the other four, especially keeping ‘Miss Sad’ away from touching the girl’s life. Miss Joy is not as concerned for the other three – Miss disgust, Mr. Fear and Mr. Anger given to their limited span of existence and being short lived.

The story goes around happily but does take a turn inviting sadness into the girl’s life. But it also makes one realize that it is very important for sadness to also touch one’s life to understand and feel the real importance and presence of Joy.

If life were to be a straight journey of Joy always, then one would seldom taste its true flavor and would fail to respect and appreciate mankind and emotions. Maybe thats the reason love has sadness surrounded at times to make the human noble, kind, understanding and respectful. Maybe, failure is powerful than victory as it makes us stronger of an individual that we are, to taste success better and in our own way.

Yes, Joy and Sad are equally important to make the life an interesting path of journey and this movie brings the message out very creatively, colorfully and harmoniously. 

One of the best animated feel good movie to experience.


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  1. Quillpen says:

    Watch Moana, Up, Ferdinand, Zootopia.
    The Good Dinosaur- excellent editing and touching story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ravi S says:

    Yes I agree, watched most of them. Need to see Ferdinand and the good dinosaur…


    1. Quillpen says:

      Hotel Transylvania too. It is funny.


      1. Quillpen says:

        And Ratatouille 😋


      2. Ravi S says:

        Yes I have watched that. Mouse chef, it was a good one too..

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Indira says:

    ‘Good dinosaur’ is very beautiful and sentimental.


    1. Ravi S says:

      Sure Indira ma’am i will give it a watch soon. Its 3D too.😊


  4. Ravi S says:

    I am yet to watch that…will catch it up.


  5. The children loved Smurfs, will get hold of a copy of this movie too. Never heard of it but not surprising as I am mostly in the dark
    where movies are concerned, especially animation movies. The story line seems very good.
    Thank you for the review, Ravi, a detailed and excellent one!


  6. Yes, I watched this movie 2 years ago. Really a good one. You have narrated this movie review very nicely.


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