Movie review – Hrudaya Hadithu (The Heart Sang)

This movie still roams around in my memories at times for being the first Kannada movie that I watched as a kid in a theatre. My cousin elder brother (in the neighborhood) who was in his teens back then, took me along for his company as he had to part only with half the money of the seat in that hall. I was least bothered about watching the movie as that age the movie plot flew over a decent feet above the head. But the fun of proudly kissing the wind in the back seat of his bicycle holding his flat belly bargained for the company in the theatre. However, must say that such frequent visits made me an ardent fan of Chiranjeevi and I preferred watching only him on the big screen. I will save his movie reviews for future posts.

Coming back to the movie, I did watch it again at an age when the head found the right altitude to interpret and understand the plot.

The movie depicts the story of a patient (played by Malashree) suffering from a serious heart disorder who develops a liking for the doctor (Ambarish) who treats her. The heart of the lady is weak mechanically but is mentally strong enough to fall in love with the doctor, who on the other hand is about to get married to an another doctor (Bhavya), his love interest. The doctor finds himself engulfed in an struggling situation of profession, emotions of a dying patient and humanity. The rest of the story is about how the characters unwind their respective situation to keep a dying heart alive.

The songs of the movie are soothing to the ears and do carry meaningful lyrics. The song ‘Naliyutha Hrudaya haadanu haadide’ sung by Dr. Rajkumar made itself quite famous and still sounds fresh in the ears.

The story makes it a good watch for those who appreciate movies belonging to the Drama genre.




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  1. Sunday was a special day because every Sunday evening there was a movie. We were spared the difficulty of choosing from a thousand channels simply because there was only one. It was during that period that I managed to watch more Kannada movies than any other regional language – Ananth Nag, Ambarish, Shankar Nag, Vishnuvardhan and the villain Prabhakar were the kings of Kollywood. Reading the story plot, the movie does seem familiar but not very sure. Those days, the Kannada movies were heavy on emotions and beautiful on the story front. The songs too stayed in our hearts long enough.
    Your review sent me off taking a walk down memory lane, Ravi, but then it always does.


  2. Hello fellow kannadiga!!


    1. darknite says:

      Hello Miss 😊


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