Orkut gave me a great friend….

Its been 10 years since I Met Vasu in 2008. The memories of meeting him in person at Amoeba in M.G. Road, Bangalore still remains fresh and the camera did capture that moment.


A person who got introduced on the Orkut platform (similar to facebook) went on to become one of the best-est friend of mine. His calm and composed nature makes him that nice human being and his stories are great gems of creativity woven from his simple writing.

He had created a community of ‘Short stories’ on orkut which had attracted my attention to enroll. I frequented my visits to the posts that were filled with wonderful characters, deep emotions and varied situations that landed into the digital paper flying from the creative imaginative minds from fellow writers.

It induced me to post a short story in the community that paved the journey into the writing world. Vasu continuously forced his encouragement (& continues even now) on me to write and I must say it is because of him the fingers that were focused in earning the bread and butter of life, took interest in holding the pen back, the ink of which had dried after the end of college world.

It was indeed great moments on Orkut, as we got to know few like minded folks on a platform, who got themselves converted to the status of ‘Real friends’ from ‘strangers’.

We all need a reason to write and I believe when one finds the purpose, the right set of audience and readers, the writer in us starts maturing and we would love to write more to contribute our thoughts, feelings and experiences to the society (be it entertainment, learning or information depending on the audience involved).

Vasu, apart from writing also brought with him, the interest for travel, music, movies and photography.

We have traveled many places together and Vaus’s cameras have captured those lovely moments patiently and helping me share those experiences in my travel blog and trip advisor. I always look upon Vasu’s recommendation for movies, making my time worthwhile for alternate spending.


Thanks Vasu for coming my way and igniting the writing passion. It has been a splendid journey with you along and the friendship bond continues to stay strong.


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  1. Wow.
    An awesome read.

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  2. darknite says:

    Thanks Shreya, appreciate the read.


  3. Kurian says:

    All the best Ravi for continued friendship. Perhaps you may move the scene to here from Orkut


    1. darknite says:

      Yes Sir, already doing it. Earning some good friends here too.

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  4. jyo says:

    That’s really great💯

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  5. Orkut was the Facebook of the early 2000s. It had help me map the way to my friends around the world too, until it disappeared. Some friends are meant to be and you are simply destined to meet. Vasu seems one friend for you. Cheers to your friendship, Ravi.

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    1. darknite says:

      Yes, it faced the same fate like Nokia in the mobile sector

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      1. Oh yes! Poor Nokia, still struggling in the mobile sector.


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