A Dog’s purpose

Dogs have always been my favorite. We ended up having two such lovely souls namely Sony and Rosy who touched our lives by their unconditional love and loyalty and left their permanent marks in the heart. While Sony (German Shepherd) came in through a proper exchange of my Aunt’s money, Rosy had landed in the corner of our compound right from her birth and abandoned by her mother, brother and sisters at a very early stage.

Sony grew up to be professional and disciplined, learning the tricks of trade of greeting, shake hand, fetching the ball and monitoring security and Rosy on the other hand was carefree, enjoyed hopping, strolling streets and invited strangers with a wagging tail and dropped ears.

Sad that, I do not have their snaps and they reside in the core memories. Both left us owing to their age and the loss was so painful that the heart never gathered the courage to replace their position. Could locate a very old photo of Sony guarding the gate in her favorite pose (Rosy wasn’t born then).

My friend did gift me a cuddle toy resembling Sony and it does reside at home.

Its when movies like this helps in refreshing the fond memories and reliving those moments. A dog’s purpose depicts the story of a soul which travels through various lives and in each of its incarnation of a specific breed, is interested to discover the reason of being placed on earth and the real purpose of its existence. The movie is quite emotional and portrays the love, joy and sad experiences of the dog with each of its owner.


Dog lovers would certainly appreciate the movie as they can closely relate some of the scenes with their existing pets. It did bring Sony and Rosy back on screen and it was a nice experience meeting them both on the screen.


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  1. Indira says:

    Man’s best friend!

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    1. darknite says:

      Yes Madam, they are indeed the best heart

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  2. Meha Sharma says:

    Dog is indeed man’s best friend! Yet to watch the movie.


  3. Not watched the movie yet and never have owned a pet but I have heard from friends and through stories about the sincerity of these wonderful four-legged friends that have helped many not with just love and friendship but with a gift of life – yet again. May be it is never late for you to adopt another four-legged friend and renew your thoughts and friendship with them.


    1. darknite says:

      Yes, gave it a thought many a times to get one but the fear of loss is something pushes me back. They short live and become too attached.

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      1. Yes or so I have heard, Ravi. My friends tell me the same.


  4. Akshata Ram says:

    I have never really been fond of dogs in fact I am a bit afraid of them. But your story of Sony and Rosy is really heartwarming Ravi . Hope I can get rid f my fear someday

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    1. darknite says:

      They make lovely beings when in form of pets. But when we meet them as strangers they are certainly risky.


  5. Akriti pandya says:

    Dog is indeed a man’s best friend. ❤️


    1. darknite says:

      Yes Akriti, a great friend indeed which will always remain true to its heart


  6. Kurian says:

    Interesting details Ravi

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  7. Ektæ says:

    Dogs are my favourite as well 🐕🐾 *high five* soon I’ll be watching this movie.


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