Donne Biryani

Bangalore, which once upon a time was famous for idli, dosas, masala puri’s, xyz baaths etc., opened up plethora of choices to the taste buds inviting cusines from north, western, Arabian and ofcourse the fast food in the recent decades.

Back in time, stepping to eat outside the four walls, rarely came on occasion of some one’s birthday, or a relative’s invasion, or a positive exam result, or a Diwali bonus – basically we could count the times of eat outs easily on the fingers. Well, the taste buds of this generation needed their freedom and they revolutionised not to greet the same food twice in a week.

While the city has many good varied restaurants serving various classes of tastebuds, there continues to exist certain popular ones meant for the local patrons that have walked through ages, popularly known as the ‘military hotels’.

It is believed that these joints took this name as they used to service the Maratha military army men, who used to meet at this place to plan campaigns and carry the protein food with ease.

Shivaji Military Hotel, established in 1924 happens to be the oldest one and the other notable ones include Ranganna, Naidu, Gowdru, Chandu, Rajanna & SGR Military Hotel etc, resting themselves in Jayanagar, Indiranagar & Rajaji nagar .

Well, my dear vegetarian readers, you can kindly turn your attention away into other blogs\articles as this post would turn into discussing non-veg dishes from here on.

These hotels are famous for serving non-veg food – Ragi mudde, keema, mutton chops, ghee rice, paaya (soup) & the famous biryanis (often called Donne biryani).

This biryani takes its name from the fact that it is served in a hand pressed bowl made of plantain leaf (called as “Donne” in Kannada). The green rustic biryani, an outcome of seeraga samba rice fusioned with the masala paste of coriander & mint leaves, cooked over charcoal has its unique smell and taste. The ambience of the hotel where this biryani takes its birth is a simple home with red-oxide flooring, giving the feel of grandma’s anciet home back at native. While the hotel would have limited items on the menu, the selected ones-be it any, is certainly capable of stirring up the taste buds and a satisfying meal to one’s heart (and stomach) content.

One must also note that, given to the uniqueness and popularity involved, there are many new players who run them under the ‘military’ concept to encash the goodwill that the name carries but do fall short on the authencity. So if you plan to explore this food, please ensure you do it in the place where it was actually born.

Happy eating…

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  1. Nice and delicious one, me too a big dum biryani lover. 😋 Had last night only…

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  2. Though I havent had the chance to go to the Millitary hotels but I m sure it must be yummm.

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  3. Indira says:

    The picture looks so yummy! Good information, friend! 🙂

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  4. darknite says:

    Yes Ananya, they have their own taste


  5. I remember catching this name in more place than one during my stay at Bangalore this monsoon. The word ‘Donne’ is one I am familiar with, the leaf that held many servings of sweet porridge or spicy steamed pulses that excited our visits and tickled our taste buds when we given our share of the blessing after visits to the temples surrounding my home. We stealthily went back for more as this treat held with it a taste that words can fail to express.
    I am a vegetarian by choice but have no qualms being the midst or sharing food with those who choose a nonvegetarian meal. But like you said, like the Iyengar Bakeries in Bangalore, that have stolen a name but unable to deliver the delicacies that an original would be able to deliver, this too would be best savored in its place of origin.


    1. darknite says:

      Yes, the temple servings are indeed mesmerizing. The puliyogere, curd rice, vangi baath carry best of the taste and I always crave for more, similarly.
      Yes, the iyengar bakeries are just lovely, especially their cream buns, honey cake, bread sandwitch, dil pasand – simple but great to taste. Thanks for the complete read madam inspite of being a Veggie by choice

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      1. You have given so much detail, Ravi, I can almost feel the wonderful aroma of these simple yet very tasty memories that linger on. As always, I enjoyed the read, Ravi. 🙂

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      2. darknite says:

        I miss them too. Whenever i visit jayanagar 4th block, i hunt them out, especially honey cake.

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      3. Yes! Honey cake, I remember them😇


  6. Nomadosauras says:

    The picture is making me smell the aroma from my laptop screen 😀
    I always love to explore the local twist that regions give to a famous dish and although that doesn’t come off very good, this does look one instance where it has led to richer and more unique flavours 🙂
    I’ll definitely make it a point to try and squeeze in a visit to Shivaji Military Hotel whenever I am in Bangalore 🙂

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  7. hopandhog says:

    Feeling hungry🤤


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