Released in 2015, this is one of the best Kannada thriller movies that I could place my hand upon.

A mystery movie with lots of jaw dropping twists and turns with a brilliantly placed plot does keep the viewer glued to the seat but also in parallel tickling the brain to figure out, what actually is happening on the screen.

The movie tells the story of a husband (a novelist) and his wife (soft natured), who visit a village in Karnataka, which is the ancestral home of the latter and it is in this village, the plot starts unfolding itself.

The wife goes missing and starts the journey of the husband to uncover the mystery of her disappareance and his focussed efforts to find her back. Along the journey of discovery, comes in the horror quotient of ghosts, which raises the goosebumps, sending the chill down the spine. The background music adds in the required scary atmosphere around.

The debutant actors (Nirup Bhandari & Radhika Chethan) have pulled a great show to present a great mystery thriller on the big screen with their brilliant and realistic acting. A special mention of Sai Kumar who does great justice to the role and screen presence, alloted to him.

While the movie moves at a slow pace, it does keep the viewer glued into the movie given to the plot line involved, the cultural insights of the rich heritage of North Karnataka makes it an interesting watch.

Horror and mystery lovers will certainly respect the movie.

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  1. This movie is just awesome!


  2. Thnx will chk the dubbed or subtitles version.


  3. I will wait for the Hindi dubbed…😉😉😉😉

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    1. darknite says:

      Hopefully 🙂

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      1. Hey Sir, are you busy these days?
        I really wanted to read your new post. Waiting for it…!!!


      2. darknite says:

        Thanks Shreya, appreciate your writing to me. Yes, a bit caught up. Would like to write regularly and will do once things fall in place. Take care.

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      3. Yes sir..
        Will wait for your post.


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