Mudigere homestay, a homely space

As the year pushed itself to the finishing line of the journey, I decided to end it in the shoes of the traveler, alongwith kith and kin. With the intention of covering an unexplored place and something not very far from Bangalore, the fingers placed themselves on Mudigere. Browsing through google, I landed up at, and Sharath helped me find a decent homestay named ‘Blackpperz Gardenia’, owned by a Gentleman named Mr. Ramesh.

The wheels set off towards the homestay wich is around 250+ kms from Bangalore and it is conveniently reachable with GPS. The rooms overlook a spacious open land enabling toddlers too gain independence from the clutches of their parents and the cars too stretch their wheels comfortably.

Entering the homestay
The homestay
My cousin Creta seems to be smiling happy after a decent rest

Once in, we could literally find the word homestay stood to its literal dictionary meaning. The owners are courteous, hospitable and made us feel at home. One needs to be cautious of the trained dogs around and they would mean no harm until the decent human within us, is maintained.

In its friendly avatar

The rooms are clean and neat, sufficiently ventilated and have solar heaters with 24/7 hot water. Each room can accomodate a group of 3-5 people and are spacious enough.

Our rooms

The highlight of the place is the food that is prepared right by the owner’s home (not a hired cook) and the flavor of the local cuisine will do wonders to the taste buds and for a moment as we relished the morsel from our plates, I was wondering whether my Mom had forced her entry into the owner’s kitchen to take control of the cooking, to ensure that our stay is pleasant on the stomach’s too. The early morning and late evening coffee lifted the spirits up. Excellent! is the word for the malnad food, the taste of which is still lingering around.

The dining area

The homestay has a big coffee plantation with a small pond, giving us some decent time to explore and aid the stomach in digestion. The group (especially the kids) enjoyed the adventurous trek of downhill through lush green plantation with ups and downs, twisty foots, balancing acts, flexing the spine, bones, lungs and lastly the eyes heart to absorb the pure greenery of the nature.

Group Trek
Early morning trek
The pond
Young bones are so excited
The ‘I can do’ gen

It was indeed and amazing experience to end the year, amidst nature.

The places of interest to visit from the homestay are Devaramanne, Gatikallu, ballalarayanadurga fort etc., which I will cover in my subsequent articles.


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  1. Jyo says:

    That’s a good review !


    1. darknite says:

      Thanks Jyo, long time.


  2. The homestay looks lovely!


    1. darknite says:

      Thanks for the read

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      1. Thank you for the wonderful review. It is indeed one of the best ways one can describe a place.


      2. darknite says:

        Thanks Ashuthosh


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