Double decker

Back in the age when neither the rising moon nor the setting sun matterred, a soft cruncy sweet wrapped around a red paper did the trick of buying a naughty mind – ‘Double Decker’ that made me go weak in the knees.

Well, its not the double decker bus that I am referring to, but a bar of chocolate, which once upon a time was a favorite apart from the eclairs that wrapped itself in red which often met us in the classroom on a kid’s birthday in barter for a ‘happy birthday to you, happy birth…………….’ song with the faithful clap of hands.


The fond memories are still afresh, of the crisp chocolate with dual layer – creamish layer of noughat (caramel sought of taste) and the next layer of milk chocolate with traces of cereal crispies. Researching about the chocolate at the grownup age, I found that these chocolates lost their market in India in the late 90s and they were seldom sold.

When money found place in my pocket, my hunt for this chocolate continued for quite many years but failed to trace them in any online or retail shop. I made a point to request my well wishers who travelled abroad (especially Europe as this cholocate happens to have taken its birth in Poland) to hunt out the chocolate overseas but guess it always shied itself away from their eyes too.

Happiness knew no bounds when recently I located these chocolates on platform and without second thoughts, I quickly ordered them. The delivery came from a mumbai based vendor who appears to have imported this chocolate. The pack costing 330 Rs consisted 4 bars of 40g happiness, each. That meant each small bar costed 83 Rs each which I believe bakes in the import cost into pricing. Thanks to Amazon for ending the long search and the vendor who turned it to reality.

On receipt, anxiously I tore apart the wrapper to see the chocolate resembling the same state. Taking the first bite, the tastebuds quickly put themselves into action undertaking the responsibility of reconciling the current experience with the days when height was 3’0.

While the chocolate slowly crushed itself under the teeth, the senses took control of the anxiety that had built up and suddenly, creeped in DISAPPOINTMENT.

The taste of the chocolate had undergone a significant change from what it tasted now and must say it is nowhere near to its ancestor. Maybe the changing generation drove its journey into a different direction of taste while the dual layer format of the chocolate still continues.

But then, atleast I am happy the longing for the chocolate comes to an end. The treasure hunt is finally over. And at the time of writing, my last chocolate bar still resides with me, for now. Well, I waited for it for so many years, lets relish it slowly and slowly…….


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