This blog covers the following areas :

  1. Travel reviews – I am covering articles on places and getaways, largely in India. Objective of the articles are to provide the experience of my soul at these places and also in turn share travel tips and important points, which would help my fellow travelers to make note of, and thereby organize their precious holiday time effectively.
  2. Poems & short stories – I would like to share collection of poems and short stories drafted by that other person in me, when the introvert levels at the highest peak hit him.
  3. Random thoughts – I would share some random thoughts on subjects, which the soul feels happy to pen down
  4. Hobbies – Would cover few articles for those interested in the areas of ‘Diecast collectibles’ & articles on varied species of Birds captured in lens frames by my co-brother
  5. Movie reviews – would like to write a few lines about certain good movies that touched the heart and maybe of interest for the like minded.

Am often found in the comments section of my fellow writers as I love reading varied posts coming out fresh from those creative minds as I crave for short stories, travelogues and most importantly matured thoughts.