The Book – ‘Imprints’

Imprints – Colours of Life

ISBN: 978-81-8465-188-1
Format: Paperback
Pages: 120

Imprints is a collection of short stories and sketches, written in simple style and is a gentle portray of the variety of colours one would encounter during the walk of the journey of our lives. The stories are a reflection of the human emotions of the hearts emitting from the lives of men and women when they encounter with the human elements – love, friendship, feelings and relationships. These human emotions are depicted through the various characters penned down by the two writers. It includes a tale of an innocent village boy who has a liking towards an Indian sweetmeat, the flashes of a memories of a man on his death-bed, the funny shades of a village couple who wants a name for their baby, a lonely woman driving away into a dark highway followed by love stories of the young hearts, the undefined love of a child for his mother and many more such characters have made their places in the book. The book is titled “Imprints”, as the stories will leave behind an imprint on your hearts, stirring the emotions and senses within.
The first section of the book written by the Author Vasu, contains sketches with moral themes which are described through the lives of the characters. These emotions are described by the author in simple words and language adding the traditional flavour of story telling. The stories are mature in their subject. Some of the stories in this book have won appreciation for the author appearing in newspapers and some of them have also been published in books organised through various contests.
The second section of the book written by the author Ravi captures mainly love stories for the young minds and other emotional stories . The tales are written weaving the sentences using words and expressions dipped with simple style. Most of the stories written by the author are born out of personal experiences and a bit of observations made from the outer world. The writer tries to capture the emotions from real life instances to give the human touch to the stories.

The book can be purchased online both in the paperback form or in the kindle format.