Diecast bike – Ducati 1199 Panigale – 1:12 (Maisto)

The Ducati 1199 Panigale produced by Ducati was introduced in 2011 named after the town in which it was produced – Borgo Panigale in Italy. The bike is a 1198 cc sportbike mounting a four cyclinder liquid cooled. The bike is known for its ergonomic design for a convenient rider posture, strong monocoque made in diecast aluminium taking away decent amount of weight from the racing bike enabling proper weight distribution. The bike is equipped with ABS system and new generation brakes enhancing the safety for three programmed riding modes. The bike has two headlight equipped with LED and they play the role of the eyes in the face of the bike raising the beauty of the bike further. The design of the wheels do contribute the savings in weight in the bike. These bikes cost around Rs 40-45 lakhs in India, at the time of writing.

With respect to the diecast model, Maisto has done a great work on the 1:12 scale model and has done justice to the model to resemble closest to the original. The model has a kick stand that moves and the wheels roll about smoothly. The rear tyre of the bike has nice spring suspensions which make the shocks move. The use of the plastic is more than the metal in this model given to the overall design invovled. Maisto has used the metal largely for the fuel tank unlike its other bike models where the use of metal is more comparatively.

The model’s enthralling design and looks makes this my personal favorite in my collection and the redness enhances the beauty of the bike further. It is available online in Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry currently in India. One could also get them at any shopper’s store, toy store, landmark costing around Rs. 650

Diecast model can be found on the link – http://www.maisto.com/

The real one to own can be found at this link – http://www.1199panigale.ducati.com/en/

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