Desert safari and Dhow cruise – Dubai

The Desert safari and the Dhow cruise are among the top places for tourists to make note of sightseeing, apart from the other ones in Dubai. The desert safari almost takes half a day starting from evening and ending into the night. On the other hand, the Dhow cruise also takes almost a whole evening to spend. So one needs to allot two days each for these points of attraction.

Desert Safari

The desert almost lies around 30-50 kms away from the Downtown Dubai and takes around 30-45 minutes to reach the Arabian Desert. The tourists are picked from their respective hotels in a bulky land cruiser (4×4) and given to its large form the desert allows these mini trucks to set its foot on them as they are ideal for dune bashing in the smooth sand. The bonnet of the cruiser almost came up to my chest and their form amazed me. As we approached the desert, the guide gave a small pit stop to deflate the tyres making it ready to taste the challenge of the desert.


As the drive started, everyone in the vehicle placed their posture into a stiff state coming out from their relaxing one and each one quickly holding out the interior car handles to welcome the adventure thrill. The cruiser swayed itself like a roller coaster up and down making the heart skip the beat and splashing sand at occasions, the whole process basically called off-roading and sand boarding. One definitely needs to be in good terms with their stomach to retain the food back with it & also with the mind to keep itself away from dozing and lastly the heart to continue beating. Basically it’s not for people with travel sickness, elderly & children. The thrill went on for about 30 minutes accompanied with a small halt amidst the desert. Those whose stomach got annoyed from the adventure drive, wet the sand annoying the desert. Tit for tat.


Post the dune bashing, we were dropped at a desert camp in the evening, which starts with a camel ride for those interested to feel the animal’s height. Entering the camp taking our designated seats we were offered with beverages that were unlimited and coupled with snacks. Some eager ladies lined up in a hut to decorate their hands with henna beautifying them with different patterns. The foreigners were quite amazed by it.


As the sun disappeared spreading darkness the camp organized some programs involving local folklore, dance and belly dancing which finally ended up opening  up the traditional barbeques for dinner. The food was a big let down, maybe due to the fact that it was quite plain taste for an Indian used to spices.  It does become very important to consume a good meal especially when ones energy is eaten up by the sands & the heat, needing a good replenishment.


We bid good bye to the desert taking back some good memories to cherish.

Dhow cruise

On one of the days, we opted to visit the Dhow cruise and we reached Dubai Marina in the late evening to experience one of the talked about attraction – the dhow cruise. The pretty lit houseboat waiting for all of us, took us onboard and departed sharp at 8.30 pm from the origin and set the sail into the creek. It was good to be placed in the open upper deck of the cruise, sitting down relaxed greeting the open sky. The whole place is surrounded by tall skyscrapers smiling proudly as they stand well illuminated, each one unique and competing with one another. The parallel Dubai marina walk offers a splendid view, filled with the resident crowd doing their evening walk and strolling to enjoy the evening breeze.


As the cruise progresses it offers pleasant breeze of the town and after covering some good distance the staff opens up the tables serving delicious buffet dinner covering Arabian and international dishes accompanied with unlimited beverages and water. The food was top notch to the taste buds. The whole experience of the evening lifts the spirit up and the whole atmosphere places one in a state of tranquil.


After covering some distance, the cruise leaves behind all the tall structures and parts away from the artificial man made creek and furthers into the sea nearing the Palm Jumeirah Lagoon where one can catch the glimpse of the Atlantis (the 7 star hotel-costing a great deal on pocket) placed away at a far distance. Finally, the cruise turns back to return to the place where it had welcomed us in. The whole cruise journey lasts for around 1.5 to 2 hours. As the journey ended, we parted away with a colorful heart filled with bright memories.

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  1. Your excitement and enjoyment is palpable in your detailed post, Ravi. I am sure you will agree that the salient night in the desert with the beautiful stars that litter the night sky coupled with the entertainment in the camp is simply beautiful. The dhow is another experience altogether.

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  2. divyanchi says:

    I want to visit Dubai πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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