Coorg, Madikeri

We booked the homestay (Chirpy Blooms) as part of our coorg trip. The homestay is around 10 kms away from Raja seat and from this point, we had to get down the hill to reach the homestay. One needs to definitely rely on google maps or drive slowly looking out for proper sign and landmark as indicated by the owner, as there are high chances of missing the entrance leading to it. As the place has many homestays around, the local people (few found on the roads) would seldom know them by its name but would rather guide based on the owner name instead as they would know the living beings more than the non-living structures.

Late in the evening, we successfully managed to trace down the homestay hiding itself inside away from the main road. We were given the first floor to occupy as the ground floor houses the owner. The setup is ideal for a group of friends (6-10) or a family of 3 couples. There are two bedrooms and one of them has an attached bathroom. The rooms were neat and tidy and the atmosphere of red oxide floors, roofs with concrete clay tiles, brick walls painted keeping the surrounding cool would remind most of us of our great grandmothers ancestral homes back in our native towns-simple, relaxed and serene. We closed the day after a delicious meal, bidding good bye to the full moon doing its round that night.

Next morning, the rising sun and the chirping birds woke us up from our deep slumber. The entrance of the homestay includes a decent sit out area which overseas a green plantation, where we sat back relaxed to converse with the nature, sipping down the malnad coffee. The homestay attractted a variety of birds in the early morning which seem to dance with joy, humming and singing their happiness.

View from the Entrance

The owner is very friendly and professional and proved to be a good host. He enquired about our food needs for the day and advised us the places of interest to cover nearby. As the day draw in, we were served with the typical local cuisine breakfast, post which we were taken on a small tour of the estate covering coffee, pepper, paddy fields and varieties of flora. The morning walk in these fields lifted up the inner spirit finding a greener world all around.

Plantation tour

The homestay being conveniently located, we were able to visit some of the important attractions in the daytime. The homestay is 40 kms away from Bhagamandala on its left and 10 kms to the Raja’s seat on its right.

Paddy fields

Bhagamandala known for the birth point of river Kaveri from where it originates it flow has its shrine and overlooks a valley of beautiful lush green mountains. The place of the River God is worshipped by the locals. A few feet away leading to a set of numerous stairs would place one above a hill giving a great panaromic view of the valley around.

Post spending decent time out here, we planned to head to Chelavara falls which is at a distance of 40 kms back falling on the path of the journey of the homestay back. The other important waterfalls Abbi and Irpu are quite far from the point and as the journey would stretch beyond the homestay, it is best to be saved to cover in the next day.

Talacauvery-Birth place of river Kaveri
The sight of the valley from Talacauvery

By the time we were half into the journey to the waterfalls, we were informed that the entrance to the waterfall would be closed by 5 pm and we were already very near welcoming the evening and had to drop the idea to visit this place and instead decided to spend our time with the camera lens. After having enough showing our smiling faces to the cameras, we returned back to the homestay which had already started to engross itself into the silent calm breezy atmosphere. The dinner was marvellous given to the fact that it comes directly from the touch of the Owner’s homemaker instead of a commercial chef, which adds beauty to the taste and making the local food lip smacking. It feels heaven to have the simple local cuisine after a tiring day and added to that having such food amidst nature with the silent cries of the night with the wind talking to the swaying trees is a delight in itself.

With my happy niece ending the journey at homestay

All in all, we enjoyed blissful moments at this homestay and our entire group was thrilled with the stay. If interested to stay at this place, you can find more details at the following site

Enroute our way back to origin (Bangalore), we took a halt at Dubare elephant camp. On reaching the place we found a deadly crowded place and a long river stream busy doing its regular duty, flowing. To reach the elephant camp, we had to look for hiring a local boat as the camp is on the other side of the river stream. The place completely crowded already had people lined up forming a long queue and we realized getting into the boat would definitely a minimum of atleast two hours, we consoled the heart to drop the idea. We fund that many others had already taken the choice of walking into the rocky path of the river which spread over a distance of 1-2 kms. Following the idea, as we progressed with our baby steps we realized the path was quite slippery and it was sure an act of adventure. We called it off sensing it risky, and happily waived at the elephants far away. We did make the time good playing with the river instead.

The adventurous slippery path leading to Dubbare camp

Heading on further, we covered Tibetan Monastery and Nisarghadharma and finally hitting the non-stop road to Bangalore.

A great trip to remember……..

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  1. Heard so much about the beauty of this place, Ravi. Lovely pictures and thank you for the details of the home stay. Makes my research job simple.


  2. Wow, sound interesting.
    your article is amazing.
    You have captured almost every part that is needed.

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    1. darknite says:

      Thanks Shreya for the read

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  3. Isn’t it an amazing place Ravi? I had been to Coorg in Dec last and had a fabulous time. If you find some time, do go through the blog post. We have been to similar places, I can see that. Cheers and thank you for the follow. Shall stay connected.


  4. EKTA says:

    Quite adventurous!!!

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  5. Kurian says:

    Good to see that you enjoyed Coorg.
    Ravi, I think you are aware of the ‘Book Writer’s Club’. We have a whatsapp group with the name and we are now seven in the group.
    You mentioned your writing experience. We would benefit if you’d join. The group agrees to use the whatsapp only for book purposes. If you’re okay, mail your whatsapp number to my mail:


  6. Smitha V says:

    Have yet to visit Coorg. Your detailed post makes me want to visit it. Will come back to this post when I fix the dates😊.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. darknite says:

      Sure, with caution though. Affected by the monsoon and in floods

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Smitha V says:

        Yes read about it. Extremely saddened.

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